About the Book

This book was written to give ordinary people a fair go. So often we have read the books and listened to the tapes on how to get rich and wealthy, but none of the books and tapes actually show us how to put the theories into practice. This book offers you simple solutions to give you more money, and create a secure financial future. It fills the gap between your first step and the success promised by other experts and gives you the step by step to becoming financially secure. "Wealth Creation - What Your Accountant Doesn't Tell You" is written for people who want real world solutions that they can use now.


Here's What You'll Discover

  • How to diversify your income and make more money

  • How to organize your financial affairs and deal with the cash flow crisis

  • How to minimize the amount of tax you pay

  • How to understand and profit from negative gearing

  • How to turn your liabilities into assets

  • How you gain the tax advantages of a self-employed person even though you are working in a job

  • How to create a great income through share trading


Book Price: US$14.95 + 3.50s/h if purchased online. Click Here to order.

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