Behind the Book
  John Carr is a Certified Public Accountant. He has a Masters of Business Administration, is a Certified Valuation Analyst and Certified Fraud Examiner. Based in San Antonio, Texas, he has run Better Business Services Inc. since 1983. With 10 branches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida, the company services small businesses. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Carr grew up in New Zealand but returned to the United States to complete his postgraduate education. Having businesses and investments in both New Zealand and America he has a unique perspective on business and wealth creation in both New Zealand and the United States.

Fiona Clayton-Law is an accountant, international speaker and business columnist. As an accountant with 15 years of experience she specializes in turning people's ideas into commercial reality. She was not made in the usual accountant's mould and has a refreshingly enthusiastic, and at times irreverent, approach to the subject. She was catapulted onto the national and international speaking circuits delivering seminars on a versatile range of subjects ranging from minimizing tax to business and personal motivation. Fiona's platform presentations are high energy, straight up, no holds barred, dynamic and often hilarious. She has written columns for business journals with worldwide circulation.

Fiona was born in Napier, New Zealand and is married with four children. She has a passionate interest in health & fitness, and music. When her busy schedule allows she is an accomplished pianist, rides horses, snow skis, swims, runs and enjoys hiking in the New Zealand wilderness.

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