Some of the comments from people who have listened to Fiona:

‘You have completely changed our lives and our future’

‘Why didn’t anybody tell us this before?’

‘You have just turned our business future into something we can understand – you have made success tangible for us’

‘Your lecture was so inspiring – it’s like you lifted the fog and made everything so clear’

‘It’s like I’ve just discovered a new me’

‘My business has just taken off after doing just some of what you recommended’

‘When are you coming back next – our friends have to hear you’

‘Now I know what to do – I had the idea, I just couldn’t get it together’

‘God, you are so funny and yet we learned so much!’

‘Has to be the most entertaining tax lecture I’ve ever been to - and so right’

‘Your program was brilliant – it’s totally changed the direction of our lives – we went ahead and are now looking to be full-time options traders – oh dear! four hours of work per day, and we can travel with it too.’

I've read countless books on money, success, and wealth. Without question this is the most insightful book I've ever come across. The writing style is easy to follow, even for non-business majors, but the principals are universal and true. This is a must have for anyone interested in keeping more of the money they make.

Traci Smith
Top Real Estate Team, Nationwide, Century 21
San Antonio, Texas USA

As an international platform speaker, having already visited 40 nations, I have had the privilege of hearing and working with, people of gifted talent.

I am excited about one such powerful talent. She is an effervescent lady who adds a distinct dimension to grit and persistence. She exhorts a good old-fashioned, "Do it now!" response from her audience...and gets it. If Fiona can't inspire an immediate change to your personal situation, you are basically beyond help!

Her belief in herself, and in things important to an empowered life, is quite astonishing. If you let yourself, you will become spellbound not only by her message, but also by the ease with which you can finally change your miserable life.

Her fine balance between radical theory and spontaneous application will make a definitive difference to who you are and what you will do from here on in. Miss her when she is in your town...and hate yourself! So there! Cheers.

Bill Potter
Business Humanist & Maverick
Author of "Mind Your Own Damn Business!"

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing seminar and your wonderful insight into wealth creation and for making time to put these seminars on, willing to share with others what you have learned.

How empowering it is to gain knowledge and learn from others who have been successful in looking outside the square to achieve their dreams and aspirations, not limited by the opinions of others.

I wonder can I invite others to your seminar as I was invited and am unsure of the boundaries.

Helen Cook

Needless to say I have spent the weekend reading and have found myself quite blown away. Congratulations for a book which has crystallised so much of what I have been mulling over for months. It is the prompt I needed to get into gear on several fronts.

Judy Thomson

Your seminar last night (at Mt RSA) was dynamic and inspiring to say the least. I've changed my stance on residential rental properties and will seriously rethink keeping the three we have.

Carol Freebairne

Have just been to your seminar, bought your book and read it from cover to cover. We admire your energy and zest for life plus your humour! Think you're marvellous!!

Kind regards

Sue and Noel Maria

Congratulations on a wonderful book. I shall be promoting it as "imperative reading" at meetings I go to and in newsletters I edit and in my book.

Best wishes,

Vaughan Jones

I received a copy of your book yesterday and have found it to be outstanding in terms of its content and advice. Once again congratulations on a marvellous book. I will be referring to it on many occasions in the future.

Yours sincerely

John Ellis

Gidday Fiona,

I have just finished your book & I think it is fantastic!! The really encouraging thing for our family is that we have slowly but surely been heading down the financial independence track. We are still in our very early days but I'm so pleased we didn't keep going along with our heads buried in the sand!

Andrew Anderson

Dear Fiona,

Well I don't really know where to start... my husband and I both read your book over the weekend and what a breath of fresh air... at last we have found someone who looks outside the square...

Rosemary Duff

Dear Fiona

I have just finished reading your book which I couldn't put down from start to finish. Wow what a inspiring book!....

Jane Waiti

Dear Fiona Clayton-Law

I have read your book "What Your Accountant Doesn't Tell You" and I am very impressed with the advice you give.


Chris Aldous

Hi Fiona

Thank you for presenting the most inspiring and insightful seminar I have ever attended! I have come away thinking that life is going to get even better as a result.


Andrew Haughey

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